Kate Watters

Kate Watters

Freelance Graphic Designer

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I'm a multidisciplinary designer, having experience in both print and digital specialities. I love engaging with clients and finding out their aspirations for their company and figuring out how I can help promote and elevate that brand through the creative process. I also like getting my hands on various design practices, whether it's front-end development, motion design, packaging design; I want all in - you don't have to let me be all in, but I'm certainly at your disposal. I feel that better overall solutions come from allowing designers to take part in more than just the design process.

I have your typical traditional design education from The Art Institute. At Turner, I worked alongside some incredibly talented designers who focused on developing and maintaining Turner's overall brand throughout various projects within the company. I took part in creating corporate advertisements, front-end development, social media/blog headers, one sheets, and tried my hand at some environmental designs on a yacht at San Diego's 2016 Comic Con. Currently, I'm freelancing alongside a California-based digital agency.