SICKBOAT Creative Studios


SICKBOAT is a global design, video production, and 3D motion graphics company using innovative techniques to build premium motion graphic overlays, textures, tools, elements, and video asset packs for visionary production companies, content creators, and filmmakers.

Automagically master your media with Sickboat Cinema Tools! Simple and effective video editing assets, photo textures, and sound effects for visual artists by visual artists. Save yourself mad money, time, and energy while boosting your skillset with drag & drop post production packs. The secret weapons to raising your rates with ease!

Beyond our products, we provide video/photo production and post production services; video editing, sound design, custom music composition, 2D/3D motion graphics, animation, and visual effects for short films, commercials, brand content, music videos, showreels, documentaries, and motion pictures.

Become impossible to ignore! Our award-winning work with global Entertainment, Agencies, and Sports Brands empower our client partners to promote elegant experiences, make concrete connections, and tell special stories with their audiences in weird and wonderful ways.

Authentic. Relative. And Personalized. Everytime.

We know how to strategize, develop, and deliver videos at scale. We aren’t web designers. We aren’t marketers. We specialize in one thing, outstanding video content that clicks.

Elevate Your Content To New Heights with Sickboat and Sickboat Cinema Tools!