Cori Sherman


I am a writer, a short-story lover, a journalist, a creative thinker and a knowledge sponge. I am wholeheartedly devoted to the words I write, the places I go and the people that influence my life daily.

I am a graduate of Ohio University with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism—focusing on public relations.

My favorite part about writing is capturing the authentic essence of a story, person or idea and telling it in a creative and meaningful way. As a writer, I like to go back to our roots and step away from the computer to brainstorm on pen and paper.

When it comes to social media, I have a responsibility to banish sensible trash and write with a greater purpose. In this infinite-scrolling world, people only share what they want to share from companies and brands. I call bullshit on bad content by simply knowing my audience, talking to them as if they were sitting across from me, and give them content they want to read, learn, and grow their life experiences. Writers are given a rare opportunity to have a strong voice on social media, those who fail to understand that are just a cog in the wheel of oblivious content.

I love being outside, hiking, soccer, cryptopquip, rollerblading, photography, campfires, fiction, non-fiction and all things handmade.

I have a fiery passion for traveling as much and as often as possible (both across the U.S. and across the seas), pushing myself outside my comfort zone and giving back to the organizations I admire.