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shaun bernez

sales marketing and account management

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Good Afternoon.
If I may have a few moments of your time, please find attached my resume. I’m sure it will show clearly my qualifications and extensive experience as a retail sales and marketing professional and an avid cyclist. Please read on to see why I’m an excellent fit for a position in the action sports industry.
After 24 years actively riding I can say mountain biking is one of my true passions. It has been my outlet, my therapy (physical emotional and mental) my guide, my teacher, my reason and inspiration. I often say to others that I’ve learned some of life’s most valuable lessons on the trail: only looking where I want to go, staying calm and not over correcting, setting goals, having confidence, focusing and staying committed, getting up and trying again, sweating and sustaining efforts leads to sweet rewards, and that some days are good and some aren’t, but as long as I’m pushing as hard as I possibly can toward a summit things are going ok. I’ve also learned through years of racing that the best way to get better, is by riding with people who are better. That translates in life to my wanting to be around those who are where I want to be. There is always room for improvement. Furthermore, the cycling community is one of the finest groups of people anywhere. To this day my best friends and most trusted associates all started out years ago as riding buddies. Cyclists are the people I choose to surround myself with while riding and sharing the magic is simply what I do.
That will never change.
Customer service is one of my strengths as I understand that managing human relationships is crucial at work and in life. Putting someone at ease then creating that “ah-ha!” moment is a personal thrill for me, especially when working with those new to cycling. That wide-eyed look of amazement on a new rider’s face is priceless. And when armed with product knowledge and by asking the right questions, I can empathize, relate to and then guide people from all walks of life. Sharing my knowledge and providing satisfaction is extremely fulfilling, especially concerning anything bikes.
Another important skill I’ve learned is how to work as part of a team. I played water polo all through childhood and into high school and I played soccer for three years. And in adulthood, the success of every business and academic team I’ve been a part of depended on my individual work ethic. In the fast paced grocery business at Trader Joes where time was always limited and the workload was substantial, my completion of multiple tasks within each shift and by the end of each day directly effected the rest of the crew. I can lead or follow equally well, and I always take pride in the work of the team. The sum of a positive relationship is always greater that all of its parts.
I’m immediately available for any shifts anytime, anywhere. My current salary is 13.50 per hour. I feel this may be a fair starting point. Thank you for your time and I look forward to speaking with you.

Shaun Bernez
(949) 289-0313