Aaron Nilsen


*This summer I will have completed an MBA from Utah Valley University. The relevant graduate level Marketing courses include Applied Business Research, Identifying and Leveraging Customer Opportunities, Creativity and Innovative Problem Solving, Competitive Intelligence and Analysis, and Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis.

*Originally, I was an art major completing classes in visual arts, but in the end I completed a Bachelor’s in Spanish Language & Literature. Our focus was literary analysis of short stories and the study of different writing styles. Although the classes were in Spanish, most, if not all, of the writing rules are the same in English. Additional classes I completed include professional writing and public speaking.

*I worked for a prominent outdoor retailer as a system administrator but I would also help out at times in one of their retail stores. I enjoyed working with the outdoor products and talking with the customers. I helped design and setup CCTV systems. I also managed the system repair budget of $24k/year and new store system setup budget of $80k per new store.

*I have also been able to participate in different analysis projects including cost analysis, shrink analysis, and financial analysis. I also developed projects and wrote many in-depth reports for upper management. I was able to bring a different perspective to the group because I was the only MBA in a group of MACC accountants.