Isaac Chapluk

Isaac Chapluk

Mechatronics Engineer

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Mechatronics Engineer and Certified Associate in Project Management
Experience in manufacturing process automation and development of mechatronic suspension systems for off road vehicle applications
Self-motivated, organized person with a passion for technology and the environment
As hobby: motorcycle rider, vehicle suspension specialist, maker/hacker

Project Management:
Scope planning, schedule development, budget and cost control
Technical and operational planning, and strategy development and application
Strong communication, presentation, analytical and problem solving skills

Mechatronics Engineering:
Experience with Microcontrollers, Sensors and Actuators, PLC, Mobile Application Development, Internet of Things (IoT), Bluetooth technology, 3D printers, CAD softwares

Vehicle Suspension Specialist:
Shock absorbers valving and repair. On-track assistance and fine tuning. Interest in development of mechatronic suspension systems