Roy Daniels


Red Bull Distribution Center (August 2014-Present)
Account Sales Manager
Manage and Maintain a company route which consist of customers off all types. Travel in a company vehicle 25K miles annually with keeping my vehicle maintained and serviced with zero incidents in over 2 years. Work daily with my hands, sitting, standing and lifting constantly.
Serving currently RedBull Distribution Company (RBDC) customers on a designated route which consists of over 70 weekly accounts and 10 bi-weekly accounts.
Developed new customers within the route. Assist customers manage their Red Bull (RB) inventory, ensuring they were aware of all current RB promotions. Maintained a high level of communication with all customers.
Monitor competitors activities and promotions i.e new launches, price reductions and who owned the share for the account (customer).

United States Army (August 2009-June 2010, July 2011-March 2014)
Human Resources Specialist
Managed and performed personnel and administrative functions. Advised the manager and others on human resources matters. Participated in occupational classification as well as management of human resources.
Planned, organized and supervised preparation along with execution of company human resource operations with multiple personnel while managing all equipment
Experienced in keying, verifying overtime, confirming staff are entitled to additional pay such as overtime, night differential and Sunday/holiday pay. Skilled in printing time and attendance reports on a daily or weekly basis.
Through self directed work, scheduled customers and process registrations for 10,000 applicants yearly entering the Fort Huachuca Training Center through various points of entry in the military, securing all necessary information for internal operations, while introducing applicants to the environment
Military Personnel data and information management, orders for temporary duty and travel, personnel processing, training and reassignments, military and special pay programs, personnel accounting and strength management, transition processing, legal, Interviewing, company files and administration.