Kelly Brinza

Kelly Brinza

Content Producer
Currently: Producer at KEZI 9 News
Location: Thornton NH
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I have six years of broadcast production experience and two years of marketing experience in a snow sports academy setting. Currently I am a Producer at KEZI 9 News in Eugene, OR and am trying to get back into the outdoors industry.

Prior to my time at KEZI, I spent two years as the Marketing and Communications Assistant at Waterville Valley Academy (also called WVBBTS) in New Hampshire. While there, it was my responsibility to produce content. This included shooting photos and video to create social media ads, newsletters, promotional videos, and other marketing material. I maintained their website, and worked directly with the Waterville Valley Resort marketing staff on any joint ventures. I truly enjoyed the kind of creative work I was doing with WVBBTS. Unfortunately, due to budget cuts, my position turned seasonal and I needed to find something more consistent. As a result, I returned to broadcast news.

In broadcasting, I’ve worked as both a Producer and a Production Assistant. My responsibilities have including timing shows around slotted air time, writing stories, editing video to stories, and various studio production work.

I find the whole process of putting something together really fun and love seeing a project through from beginning to end. I’m passionate about my work and enjoy being able to share it with people who truly appreciate the product I’m trying to promote.

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  • Outdoors
  • Cooking
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Snowboarding
  • Skiing
  • Wakebording
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Founder & CEO at Rad Season  
Student at Boulder Digital Arts  
Digital Marketing and Athlete Manager - SCARPA