Jason Smith

Jason Smith

Apparel and Graphic Designer

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My background in graphic design through the Creative Advertising Degree I received at VCU, sparked a passion for designing and created a wide variety of clothing. From hats and shirts, to towels and socks I have designed and executed it all. While running my own clothing brands, I learned about dealing with customers, pricing, logistics and all the different pieces that go into the clothing making and designing process.

During my time attending college, I also worked at night as an Industrial Engineer Supervisor at UPS and ran my clothing brands simultaneously. This taught me time management and helped hone my hardworking mentality.

I have skills in not only the Creative Adobe Suite I would use for designing clothing, but I also have knowledge in Microsoft Office Tools and online/print advertising. I would be more than happy to send my portfolio showing the wide variety of work I have done to show my diversity.

I am confident that I can offer the design skills and clothing manufacturing knowledge you are seeking. Feel free to call me (804) 874-1870 or send me an email if you have any questions and are interested and seeing what I can truly bring to the table. Thank you for your time, hope to hear from you soon.