Hidenori Kato

Hidenori Kato

Shift Manager

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I would like to utilize my skill as an at Language subject matter expert in the my bilingual area and my skills, experience and education will help me to excel in this area. I am currently a shift manager and my excellent performance created extensive responsibility that coordinate and answering many other departments. Also, based on my Japanese language skill, knowledge of their culture and experiences in America and understanding of culture made me qualified for any role.

I am a dedicated and extremely hard working individual that can learn any skills necessary for my new job duties. I am able to quickly assess a situation and evaluate what steps need to be taken as corrective actions or to maintain stability for that project. I am computer literate and have skills beyond Microsoft Office. If given the opportunity I will quickly become a valuable asset to the team and will do whatever is necessary to learn the skills I need to be up to speed in a short amount of time.