Tamara Lytle

Tamara Lytle

Operational Talent Specialist
Currently: Account Executive at Interactions Marketing
Location: Vista CA
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Presently, I work as an Account Executive, where, I oversee day-day logistics and execution of high-profile marketing events; such as but not limited, to Grand Openings, Mobile Tours, Alcohol Promotions (On and Off Premise), and Street Team Events. Mainly I am responsible for building and maintaining client relationships throughout the design, development, and facilitation of their experimental marketing events.

I enjoy ballet barre and yoga in the mornings and playing in the yard with my 4 dogs in the evening. My husband and I love to fish and kayak as much as we can. We also spend the majority of our spare time at a concert or festival. I try to stay up on the latest gadget or app because knowledge is power. I wish my work day was spent being active rather than sitting at a desk all day. I would love to be able to travel more and see all that earth has to offer.

There is no event too large for me to manage as I am used to juggling multiple large accounts at once. The more challenges I am faced with the harder I work.

I look forward to hopefully becoming a part of your company.

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Interests & Groups

  • Photography
  • DNA History
  • Production of Natural Body Care
  • Traveling
  • Ocean life
  • Celiac Living
  • Ballet Barre
  • Yoga
  • kayak
  • paintball
  • disc golf
  • fishing
  • swim
  • motorcross
  • bmx
  • snow boarding
  • skateboarding
  • no groups

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Finance, Accounts Receivable  
Co-Founder, Group Y  
Business Development - Surf, Skate & Snow  
Wholesale Coordinator at Beauty Encounter  
Founder & CEO at Rad Season