Caroline Bolter

Caroline Bolter

Senior Editor and Content Producer

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Senior Editor and Digital Content Producer.

In terms of professional experience, I most recently served as Senior Editor to Universal Sports Television Network, a joint venture between NBC Universal and InterMedia Partners. This position entailed everything from managing the day-to-day operations of Universal Sports’ digital space to establishing digital voice and content strategy, writing, copywriting, copy editing, project management, developing original editorial content, content publishing, managing content and digital inventory, CMS management, deployment of advertising content, overseeing marketing and public relations’ digital executions, collaborating with TV/video production and graphic teams, organizing timelines and possessing ownership of USN’s digital partnerships.

Previously, I served as Producer and Editor for Screenslam, an entertainment news web site and mobile video platform. This role involved story and editorial content development and publishing, writing, copywriting, copy editing, sourcing freelancers, establishing brand voice, managing daily video content and site presentation, video-platform management, segment producing, launching social media initiatives, collaborating with internal stakeholders, production scheduling, social media initiatives and video production.

My technical background includes working with multiple content management systems (CMS), including Ooyala, Brightcove and WordPress VIP. I offer experience in HTML, Adobe Photoshop, AP Style, Google Analytics, Microsoft Office Suite, live television production, video production, live video streaming, social media, on-camera hosting, scriptwriting and voice over production.

Additionally, I operated my own e-commerce startup business dedicated to DIY design, all the while pursuing a career path as an online content producer and editor. This position included budgeting, sourcing product inventory, marketing and public relations, site development, social media, content management, product placement, site design implementation and managing business partnerships.

My passion for creating online content has extended well beyond my employment, as demonstrated through the development and management of my own e-commerce Web site, my editorial content contributions for, writing and operating editorial blogs and an active participation in social media.

Personally, I believe in quality performance and doing work with integrity. I have a fierce tenacity to ‘get the job done’, an unquestioned ability to excel at any task thrown in my direction and the personality to thrive in any environment. Nothing excites me more than brainstorming fresh ways to engage and retain audiences, as well as challenging team members to think outside of the box. I subscribe to a team-oriented philosophy, always considering the needs of all parties involved, as I believe a whole is only as strong as its parts. I bring many attributes to the table, including balancing both a logical and creative approach to all tasks undertaken and committing myself to exhausting all possible avenues of success, as evident throughout both my short and long-term goals. If there is one thing that I can guarantee - it is that no other candidate will rival my dedication to achieving the highest standard of work possible.