Jeremy Harrington


I’m Jeremy a Sr. designer/art director originally hailing from Portland, Or. Most recently I have worked in the Seattle area with companies like Wizards of the Coast, Gensler and Amazon, but I’ve also previously done freelance work for a selection of creative agencies in Portland with clients like Xbox, Nike and Adidas. Most of my work has been designing trade dress, retail display, physical branded xperiences, and multichannel branded campaigns. Although, I have also designed larger visual branding systems with multiple touch points for Magic the Gathering and Xbox. This included creating brand guidelines, style guides, partner templates, and brand assets to allow for creation of consistent branded visual language regardless of execution. Perhaps a better way to describe this be would be concepting consistent brand visuals for everything from their websites, to packaging/trade dress, to branded consumer product, and turning those designs into assets, examples, templates, and style guides that can be shared with internal and external teams to create a wide variety of additional executions. While I don’t always design every execution, when looking at some of these larger projects it’s fair to say I had my hand in a large part of the look and feel for their brands consumer facing visual direction. While I have done many things, if I where to describe myself I would say I’m a brand focused conceptual art director/designer.

Aside from the professional when I’m not working I enjoy hiking, camping, fishing, bicycling, working on my cars, cooking, backpacking and recently mountaineering. I have summated Saint Helens multiple times, South Sister, Mt. Adams, and more peaks could be in my future. While I am open to relocating I don’t know that I could live someplace without ready access to mountains and trees.