Jilli Bethany

Jilli Bethany

Photography + Graphic Design + Marketing

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Jilli Bethany is a professional — free spirited and a little wild, extremely dedicated to her work, and consistently willing to put in something extra to produce the very best results.

While growing up in the red farmlands of Oklahoma, her childhood experience in nature sparked her interest in the visual images of the world around her and continues to fuel her passion for photography and design. She's a business strategist and spent several years supporting the creative direction for Seismic Skate Systems. She continues her talent in photography and began her own business in 2006.

Jilli’s work has been published by The New York Times as well as various magazines including Heelside, Skateboarders Journal, Concrete Wave, Skate Slate, Running Times, Women's Adventure Magazine, Elevation Outdoors Magazine and Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine.