Shelby Ross

Shelby Ross

Production Management / Graphic Design

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I am a passionate writer, artist, and daydreamer, with an acute tendency toward detail and nuance. I thrive in analytical and creative environments on both a professional and personal level, and look to position myself within a field that gives me the opportunity to utilize both my analytical and creative sides.

Originally a Northern California native, I transplanted to the Southern California coast in 2011 for a change of scenery and to pursue my B.A. In December 2014, I received my diploma, graduating magna cum laude with my B.A. in English Literature from CSU Channel Islands, and was one of two students to be honored with the exclusive Program Awards, as chosen by the department's faculty. In addition to my B.A., I maintained a secondary focus on art design, production and art history, allowing me to stay constantly immersed amidst my love of both literature and art.

My passion for great literature, fine art, and leviathan-sized dogs is closely seconded by my unbridled love for ice hockey and rock and roll.