Laura Elizabeth


I’m a graphic designer with over 9 years of experience, 6 of which professional. I created the design & helped with installation of an intricate plexi-glass trade show booth; redesigned a dying website increasing customer engagement; designed & oversaw print process for a 30 page booklet for a local startup company; designed a logo for a local fishery that was looking to re-brand their organization; I also help my coworkers send a fax. No job is too big or too small & I have no problem finding my way around electronics.

After three engaging years at Wenatchee Valley College with talented artist and design instructors, I am properly equipped to continue the learning experience in the field. Even decades from now I know I will never stop learning. Every job I've had has only taught me more, opened my eyes to the endless possibilities & many aspects of the visual arts. I’m ready for any challenge.