Hello! I'm Katie and I have been working professionally for over 8 years in the apparel industry, focusing mainly on concept and graphic design in athletic, outdoor, and sportswear.

I supervised the Graphic Design department at GK Elite Sportswear and organized and standardized many of the dye sublimation production processes in my 6 years there. I created custom prints for Disney, Marvel, and Cirque du Soleil licensed apparel and designed many of the UA branded leotards during their partnership with Elite. I helped integrate newly acquired brands, such as Dolfin Swimwear, into the existing production processes and designed into several successful lines.

Most recently I have been working with Weissman’s Dancewear making apparel graphics and 3D apparel design and draping using CLO. I work cross-functionally with senior designers and my tech designer to drape and fit digital garments, producing a fully rendered image suitable for showing to Merchandising and Marketing for adoption decisions, as well as significantly cutting down on the number of physical prototypes we need to make. We have been able to cut out between 1 and 3 rounds of prototyping and revisions digitally.

I love learning and discovering new things, taking problems apart, digging for information and applying what I’ve learned in new ways. I picked up 3D draping and became proficient in CLO very quickly using my previous experience making engineered apparel graphics in Adobe Illustrator and texture work in Blender for video games. I love being involved with R&D and integration of new systems, hardware, and processes.

I have never been formally trained as a patternmaker, but over 8 years in the apparel industry (and some informal training from techs over that time) I have gained a working familiarity and currently do all my own concept pattern work either in CLO or Adobe Illustrator.

I love tea and knitting, sweet 80s jams and headbanging at metal concerts. I’d also really like to work with you.

Thanks for your time and consideration,