Howard Hsia (Shiàw)


I am an accomplished Product Manager with a MBA from Marshall School of Business and over 10 years of experience in making products customers love. I am proficient at building high performance cross functional teams that design, build and roll-out products that deliver the company’s vision and strategy.

Previously I was the Director of Product Management at Centric parts where I increased revenue by bringing new product lines to market and increased profitability by improving business processes and negotiating with suppliers.

I have found the leadership portion of my functions the most challenging and the most rewarding. With my teams, I believe in empowering and enabling others. I place an emphasis on clear communication, transparency, and listening. I enjoy creative and collaborative solutions that provide mutually beneficial results.

My specialties include product roadmaps, business cases, strategic planning, forecasting and budgeting, process improvement, b2b and b2c marketing, vendor negotiations, project management, data analysis, and excel macros (vba).