Lucas Stevens

Lucas Stevens

Production Coordinator

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Hi, I’m Luc. I’m a Production/Marketing Coordinator living in Laguna Beach, California. I have a passion for social media, it’s part of my everyday life but I’m also passionate about the outdoors, sports, and music.

I currently work for a Laguna Beach based hat company, NBRHD Laguna as a production/marketing coordinator. On a daily basis you can find me creating social media content, shipping and handling orders from online sales, contacting our printer for production of hats and pick up, and reaching out to potential new clients for business

I worked as an intern the last two summers at an ad agency in Newport Beach, and got a taste for the real world. I helped start their Facebook and Instagram pages and posted frequently to their audiences. I always found it entertaining trying to come up with the most relevant and eye-catching posts. The client was our first priority and I kept in touch regularly to see what photos, videos, and other content they needed to be posted and during what time of the year.

I love research, poking around to see what others are doing, saying and what’s new. I use Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to stay current on my favorite brands, bands, action sports heroes, and to know what is going to be the next big thing and when. I also pride myself in being organized. It makes everything go so much smoother and creates a better final product.

I’m an outgoing and fun loving guy. I get along with everyone and have a great attitude no matter what task is put in front of me. Whether it be working on a skateboard trick until it feels right, or looking into how to make work better when it seems finished.