Stefan Mentil

Stefan Mentil

Director of Photography

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Hi, my name is Stefan Mentil, I am a DP living in LA. I have been shooting commercials, television shows, corporate videos, documentaries and features since 1999. I own a very large grip & lighting package and a couple different dollies/camera sliders. I also have a wide range of cameras but just to list a few I have a Sony a7s, Sony FS700, Sony FS7, Canon C100, Canon C300, Sony F5, Red Epic and an Alexa Mini. I own multiple sets of 35mm PL mount lenses, for example I own a set of Zeiss Superspeeds and a set of Cooke Primes.

I am extremely easy going on & off set but I am very passionate about filmmaking and the process of filmmaking. I truly love collaborating with others on set, I strongly believe that it takes everyone there to make it all come together. I treat each crew-member and every individual with respect, no matter if it's an extra/background, an extremely green PA or if it's the executive producer/client or the show runner. I never let my ego take control or even get involved when I am on set.

If you go to YouTube and look at this link you can see a commercial I shot with my ARRI and my Red Epic for the high-speed/action shots. You can also go to to view another commercial or or you can go to to watch an old reel of mine.

If you would like to discuss things further you can call me at 619-944-3409 or you can email me at Thank you so much and I look forward to working with you in the future. Your vision is my goal!