Saad Nasim

Saad Nasim

Brand Manager

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Dear Hiring Manager,

I earned my master’s in Luxury and Fashion Management from SCAD-Atlanta and my bachelors’ degree in Textile Science from Textile institute of Pakistan.

Let me tell you about my most recent work experiences.

I am currently working as a Production manager for denim division for Ralph Lauren from December 2016. Here, I have to be on top of every thing, since it is my job to make sure the production of the garments goes smooth, without any delay. Therefore, all the prior garment approvals have to there. Incase if it is not there then I have to push the concerns to provide it. Fixing and planning the dates and the units with the merchandising department is also one task which I have to do. So that, we all have our objective and target dates clear and also preplanned. My job responsibilities does not only include inside merchandising and planning it also include planning and approval with the manufacturing factories (Vendors). Daily communication with these vendors, to follow up with the samples submission status, production status and commitments of delivery dates. Also ensuring that all the product tests has been performed on the garment, prior to the shipment. Other than the above we have to attend the meeting with the designer and tech design team too, for ensuring if there is any issue with the garment, either the style has dropped or changed. Garment and fabric costing is also done by me for this division. And if the prices are not acceptable than we have to negotiate with the fabric and garment factories

Before Ralph Lauren I was working as production assistant for China Ting Fashion Apparel group. This group has contract with different designer wear brands, to full fill their production and sourcing requirements. The accounts which I was dealing with, are IMNYC, HALSTON and HIGHLINE. All of the Fabric sourcing and fabric merchandising was done by me. That is seeing their initial product for the upcoming season, and their desire design, I have to work with the different fabric team in China and source the desire fabric, and negotiate prices for these fabrics. Once the order is approved by the designers, we make the file of the product with all the fabric and garment details and send to the factory merchandiser to proceed. By confirming all the dates by the design and merchandising team we have to make sure that these garment are delivered on time.

Prior to my masters at SCAD-Atlanta, I was with Artistic Milliners, a fast fashion denim apparel manufacturing firm, where I worked as a Brand Manager. Here I was the head merchandisers for two of the fast fashion Spanish brand MANGO and ZARA. I was looking after product development, new order generation, fabric and garment accessories procurement, trims and fabric test approvals, production samples approval, keeping records of old and new orders, production approvals and on time shipment and deliveries. My goal was to keep the production running smoothly and also producing new orders from these brand. My job responsibilities, were not only limited to this, I was also working with washing laundries to develop new washes for these brands and for different denim exhibitions all around the world. Learning about new fabric qualities and developing new fabric as per the brand requirements.

From November 2009 to January 2011, I was fabric merchandiser at Kassim textile Mills, which manufacture denim fabric for different fashion brands. They also deliver denim fabric to other small and big garment factories in Bangladesh, Srilanka and Europe. I was responsible for product development and fabric merchandising for the brands and garment factories who place their order in Bangladesh market. My key jobs duties were to make new fabric development and denim garment washes to generate new order by displaying them to customers. Once the order was generated, I have to order the yarn for the fabric and place the order in production. Making sure that the order is up to quality standard and is also delivered on time.

From the educational perspective, during my stay at SCAD-Atlanta, I have learned about the many different things which I was unaware off. Especially the knowledge of the Luxury brands. I have learned that how these luxury brand market a single product. With their exclusive luxury marketing techniques and social media campaigns. During my stay in SCAD I have attended different fashion and promotional shows, which gave me a better understanding of whole master’s program.

Since already mentioned, that my bachelor’s is in Textile Science, which give me the better understanding of the textile products. Including textile fibers, fabrication processes, types of fabrics, dyeing/coloring and printing methods and the finishes that is applied on the fabric and garments according to there use in the industries. In the whole textile science program we were also trained to do the merchandising and fabric usage/consumption calculation, garment delivery calculation and costing of the garments. We were also taught, how to generate goods profit margin on a particular garment order.

I am confident that my education, experience and skills will allow me to succeed and will be of great benefit to your firm. I have proven experience in successfully handling and completing tasks by keeping communication consistent and open, working with a sense of urgency without losing momentum, re-prioritizing work as needed, and quickly finding solutions to problems. Therefore, giving all of this information to these students will not only give them the inside knowledge but also will enhance their way of thinking to see a product life cycle in the Fashion Merchandising.

Thank you and I hope to hear from you.

Saad Nasim