Kerry Lang


Described as "friendly" and "funny," I use these talents to manage staff and make millions for global/national brands.

As a sales leader with more than a decade achieving maximum profitability that spans multiple industries, I can leverage my experience across the direct-to-consumer, retail, distributor and wholesale delivery channels. Passion, enthusiasm and determination are my success drivers, and I bring more to the table than results. Through teamwork and transparent communication, I also ensure integrity in all that I set out to accomplish.

SALES GROWTH: My sales track record spanning 10+ years in sales shows continued growth with hitting 5% over my sales goals, contributing $2.5M to annual sales and increasing average monthly retail sales by 64% during my sales management tenure at a national industry leader for hydraulic products. I consistently set new sales records and once achieved the highest sales ($1.1M) out of 7 stores.

LEADERSHIP: With 8 years of management and leadership experience, I love working with people and inspiring them to develop their full potential. I direct my staff to build upon their strengths, and I infuse a sense of ownership in each employee’s mindset. I have also managed the necessary formalities of recruiting, hiring, onboarding, training, scheduling, performance reviews, corrective action plans and terminations.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Committed to world-class service, I once achieved the highest customer service satisfaction level across 22 branches of a national hydraulic manufacturer. I improved customer engagement and increased my bar’s Yelp review rating by 1 star. But don’t just take it from me, here’s a recent Yelp review: “Love the bartender, Kerry! He’s so friendly, funny and great service!”

FOOD & BEVERAGE INDUSTRY: I once oversaw operations of a $4M, 150-seat restaurant, while managing 50 employees for a global boutique hotel corporation. I have a clear understanding of restaurant and bar management and was able to maintain a low 21% bar cost with seasonal taps, a local wine selection and an extensive list of scotch and bourbon.