Tyler Sarjeant


I'm a web designer who ventured into the unknown world of writing code and using the CLI, and I loved it. I'm always looking to push my skills in visual design and front-end development. Through working with other skilled designers and developers I enjoy breaking out of my comfort zone and learning as I go. Technology continues to change and we have to go with it.

Additionally, I spend a lot of time behind a camera whether I'm at the races, on a hike, or shooting a mountain bike ride, I really enjoy capturing and creating media across multiple platforms.

I am constantly looking to find ways to align my affinity for the outdoors with my passion for web design and development. Whether it be writing a few lines on the patio at a cafe, building a site for a fitness or outdoor company, or sketching designs while on a camping trip. Finding a way to combine the two is something I constantly strive for.

If you're into front end stuff, or like venturing into the wild reach out, we've got something in common.

Check out my portfolio: http://tylersarjeant.com