Jillian Stanley

Jillian Stanley

Alterations/Operations Specialist

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As a very determined individual I took the path less taken after high school and apprenticed under a couture dressmaker for 4 years before joining a fashion house where I now assist the Design team and manage the sales support team, alterations. After opening the alteration's facility in Chicago, IL I moved with the company to Rodeo Dr. in Beverly Hills, CA.

While my resume reflects a luxury retail profession, my personal life is celebrated in the outdoors with multiple backpacking trips, extended morning hikes, and running to catch the sunset in Palisades Park every night.

My two worlds collide when it comes to finding the perfect garment to be active in. Focusing on comfort, fit, quality, and style.
Most importantly is to integrate the above with sustainability, and find solace in knowing that after you and I find the perfect attire, that the natural world we all love is unblemished and ready for us to explore it.