Jack  Hight

Jack Hight

Sales Representative/Coaching
Location: Truckee CA
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I am in search of new opportunities and advancement in my field of Outdoor Sports. I am a passionate and motivated individual looking to advance into the Sports Outdoor Industry as a high end Sales Executive for a well established firm. I am at the peak moment of my life of feeling hungry to work hard and build a stable platform with a strong workforce that strives for success. I am a former competitive cyclist racing bikes for many years and continue to push my body to new heights. Therefore, I understand what it takes to be a winner and get the job done with accuracy and skill. I have been in sales for over 8 years. My experience is mostly in Outdoor Retail, and Solar Sales while working my way through an education for myself. However, I have not yet found that professional well established company that I am able to thrive and grow with. I am educated with a great outgoing sense of humor that draws a person's attention, well traveled, cultured, and have excellent communication skills. Currently, I am embarking on a new journey with the expectation of building a brighter future through sales with the right company in mind. I enjoy fast pace environments and working either in a team setting or projects alone. Most importantly, I enjoy helping and teaching people about the product or service I am providing. My excitement and the personal connections I am able to create helps with my sales and closing deals. My personal goal is to connect and share my excitement in life and what I am doing with others around me while making future success possible. I look forward to meeting your team and be a part of something great within your company.

Sincerely, Jack Hight

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Marketing/Sales Management  
Director of Product Management  
Graphic Designer  
President /VP of Sales/Director of Sales  
Senior Global Sales Analyst - Nike Basketball & NBA  
Consultant/ Production/ Design/ Cinematography/Sales/Managing Director  
Graphic Designer  
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Spy Optic, Inc.,
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Sun Diego Boardshops
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