Lori Venturi

Lori Venturi

Account Executive Pursuing Sales & Merchandising Opportunities

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My professional experience includes some high-end Brands (Ermenegildo Zegna, Gianni Versace, Gucci), Outdoor and Ski active Brands (VF Corporation, Spyder Active Sports). I learned from many roles and responsibilities that I can be a true leader for the right company who aims to step up to the next level, using creativity and innovative ideas.

Working for big Corporations has shaped my way to approach business with discipline and professionalism, qualities that I have applied within Startups and Medium companies in order to create a more efficient environment.

I have the strong ability to analyze data and drive the relevant actions. Very comfortable to deal with different level of management and independent reps. to support the vision and the strategy to succeed. International exposure and global understanding of the Branding value. A keen eye for Brand image and a deep knowledge of financial aspects such as sell-in, sell-through, gross margin and inventory turnover. Deep understanding in merchandising and orders processes, which are crucial to manage the relationship with customers and Key Accounts.

Detail oriented, I merge a great sense of independence together a strong project management skill. I like working in fast environment that appreciates diversities (I am always an outsider) and promote innovations.

Passionate, positive attitude and creative approach to solve the problems in order to suggest improvements to streamline and simplify processes (work less and work better).

I had been recognized by colleagues and superiors as a team player and a passionate mentor.