Valter Vale


-in 2005 Established Hurley in Brazil to be a leading brand in the market with local licensee and distributor. Liaison for Hurley Brazil's and other business ventures to cross brand markets. Responsibilities included reporting global branding initiatives as well as negotiating contract. Leading marketing team and managing athlete's relations. Overseeing product team, planning and excuting go-to-market strategies, product offers, analizing market trends and executing strategies for the innovation sustainability.

-Established the first Hurley Nike SB flagship store in Rio de Janeiro - being responsible for integrating local and intl. teams during build out stages. Directed all daily activities within and out of the store - BEST CONCEPT STORE OF ITS KIND IN THE LOCAL MARKET !

-Managed and built Zoobamboo Eshop online store based in Vista, CA founded by Bob Burnquist. Responsible included setting up the online store, campaigns, sales, customer service, accounting reports and digital marketing initiatives.

-Working as a Marketing and Web Manager, Global for Sambazon, Inc. The lider of its market in the USA and globally.