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I am Ben Sims.

I have worked for Hyperlite Wakeboards as a Sales Rep for 20 years.
I started as a tech rep in California traveling and learning the retail business. Within 6 months I was offered the Sales Manager position for the Rocky Mountain Territory based out of Colorado.

I have grown with Hyperlite over the last two decades and am now the South West Sales Manager out of California. I understand as a Sales Rep relationships are everything, I respect and put great effort in communicating well with all of the parties involved- the factory, the reps, the athletes, the retailers, the retail employees and the consumer.

I coordinate the efforts of over 50 accounts, dozens of athletes, promo families and countless co-sponsors to put on demos, tournaments, events, charities and educational clinics to grow our business, share the passion and to sell more product for my company. I live and breathe the lifestyle I sell and have had great success because of an old school tireless work ethic and genuine excitement for the Action Sports industry.

I spent the first 21 years of my life born a raised in the UK. My journey since I have arrived in the US has been amazing. I have been a successful small business owner in retail and service industries. The most recent business was a boat dealership that was located in Norco CA. I took ownership of this in the recession period and understand what it takes to restructure and completely change your mind set to make the business fit the current market in order to succeed. I believe my success is because I respect all of the moving parts. I respect the people I work with, those that work for me, and those that I am employed by. I also understand the importance of keeping a business profitable by holding margins and turning inventory.

I have been an active sporting enthusiast for most of my life. With my skill set in sales and management I know I can adapt to any industry easily.