Louis Meeûs

Louis Meeûs


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Freshly obtained a bachelor's degree of "Business management across Europe". Lived in Denmark, Belgium and France where I did internships in Montpellier and Paris.

As a first experience, I had the opportunity to take part in the development of a magazine/clothing brand's digital strategy by organizing their social media platforms and doing research on seo's techniques. Alongside these tasks, I was given the freedom to find artists/athletes to realize interviews with to later be published both in the web and paper magazine. I also gained experience in the sales field by managing the newly opened retail shop where the brand's merchandising was proposed. As a result, competences were earned in digital marketing, translation and writing, brand marketing and sales.

This year was dedicated to innovation as I did an internship for a company creating methods and tools for radical innovation and supporting large industrial and technological organizations to reinvent their products and services. My job was divided in three distinct activities: business development, webmarketing and product development. I gained important organizational skills, knowledge in customer relationship management, digital marketing, reporting and a practical insight on the latest innovation management methods.

Now looking for professional opportunities abroad !