Jeremy Heffner

Jeremy Heffner

Sales Representative at The Car Factory

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To Whom It May Concern:

Thank you for taking the time to look at my resume. I have worked in several fields over the years, starting as an assistant to the prop department on two movie sets, “Repo, The Genetic Opera” and “Saw IV”. Working on movie sets, I learned to solve problems on the fly, do whatever I was asked, show up on time and find and help create props. I was able to learn how movies are made, from juggling personalities to watching the director place people, frame shots, and use cameras creatively.

I began work at the Car Factory in 2009, detailing cars and doing minor vehicle maintenance. Over three summers, I learned how to place vehicles for maximum appeal and learned to meet and greet prospective clients. (Such skills also came in handy when I worked part-time as a restaurant waiter!) I also prepared online advertising and updated the company website weekly.

My internship at ABKCO involved work in licensing, marketing, and re-releasing of music from The Rolling Stones. Shadowing the CEO piqued my interest in the licensing side of the music industry. This experience gave me an understanding for the day-to-day skills needed to run a music licensing company. My most recent internship at BLT, a boutique movie advertising company specializing in print and audio-visual trailers, was my most satisfying position. The finished products I collaborated on were used on TV ads and appeared on billboards.

Following college graduation a few months ago, I motorcycled throughout Vietnam and Thailand, learning to travel on my own and solve problems on the fly. This journey gave me the skill to handle any situation regardless if I have the tools to do so. After which I was living in Nicaragua, teaching surf lessons and helping re-brand a surf shop for two months. Giving me even more insight to how a surf brand must be run. I am now seeking a position where I can use my determination, creativity, responsibility and motivational skills to become a more proficient employee in the surf industry.

I hope that this lets you see some of my skills and what I have to offer you.

Again thank you for your time.
Jeremy Heffner