Alex Katiraie


1) Google AdWords Certified, Analytics Certified, Google Mobile Advertising Certified, Shopping Certified, YouTube Certified, Display Advertising Certified. Passed all 6 Google exams + Analytics to become Google Partner. Bing Partner as well. Google will recommend new advertising platforms and also invites you to their meetings at Google Campus for training and conferences.
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2) Web design and development. Internet Marketing using Google, Bing, Social Media, and other platforms for the past 15 years. I believe Google advertising PPC platforms are the most advanced platforms for marketing. If you are thinking of only SEO, a good analogy is that you are waiting for the bus to arrive in a month while other Google advertising platforms such as Search (PPC), Mobile, YouTube, Display, Shopping, and Remarketing are inexpensive (if you use them correctly; see Quality Score analysis) and perform like Ferraris!
3) Worked in semiconductor industry for 12 years. I learned how corporate world works, how to manage engineers and how to market on corporate level. I truly enjoyed it. What disappointed me? Internet Bubble crash of late 90’s. Never want to see that again. Sad times!
4) After school I designed and patented the well-known Ultrasonic-Parking-Sensor system that is now standard on every new luxury car. I negotiated the marketing and manufacturing to Winner International that is currently selling on its website. As Director of New Products for Winner I gained experience in launching and growing brands in the Consumer Electronics and Automotive after Market.
5) Studied at UC Irvine and achieved two undergraduate degrees and two Masters.