Andrew Leifer

Andrew Leifer

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I graduated from the University of Kansas with a major in Latin American Studies and Spanish in 2007. I have since become fluent in Spanish and completed an internationally renowned MBA program while spending the last eight years professionally based out of Santiago, Chile.

I spent the last two years working in Business Development and as the Lead Consultant of the LATAM division – in Santiago - at an international marketing firm based out of Toronto, Canada. My main responsibilities were to discover strategic sales opportunities for recurring revenue streams, configure innovative product and services packages for new and existing client networks and to design and implement the divisions marketing strategy for the region.

During my eight years living and working overseas, I have had several experiences that make me a unique job candidate:

-Sold and led a yearlong consulting project to the second biggest retail holding in Latin America (redesign of the loyalty marketing financial model + customer acquisition and retention strategies)

-Presented marketing solutions to CEO, Board Member and senior level staff of high profile companies on a regular basis

-Worked alongside the co-founders of a family owned, international retail holding for over three years

-Participated in the creation of the corporate sales division for Wall Street Institute (marketing/sales strategy and execution)

-Completed an MBA in Spanish with the brightest international students from all over Central and South America

After spending a considerable amount of time outside of the country, I have decided to start the transition process back to United States so I can be closer to family and friends.

I am interested in leveraging my international exposure and Spanish speaking abilities to pursue professional opportunities in marketing, publicity and product development/design. I am looking to join a company that rewards ambition, values sincerity and openness and provides a clear path for my professional development as well as mentorship opportunities.

Although my resume provides a summary of my background and experiences, I would be happy to meet in person or through Skype to discuss any available opportunities with your company.