Benjamin Edwards

Benjamin Edwards

Technical Specialist

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Benjamin Edwards (24) -

If you were to ask anyone how to summarize Ben, without a doubt, they would say how passionate for life I am. Always creating opportunities for myself to experience everything I can.

My passion for people, action sports, art, and adventure reflects in my work. From backpacking eleven countries to driving a motorcycle from Chicago to Los Angeles; I am consistently seeking opportunities in extra ordinary ways to learn or progress.

Habitually I continue to find ways to positively impact the people who bring joy into my life. Because of my belief in others, I have been blessed with opportunity and skills you can’t learn inside the classroom.

Currently pursuing opportunities where there is a drive for results or creative action.

Examples of past experiences include Sales Management (Zumiez), Social Media Marketing (Nitro Circus), Freelance Multi Media Design (Haight Brand), Sales Specialist and Technical Support (Apple).