Christopher Rhoades

Christopher Rhoades

Graphic Design at MonkeySports, Inc.

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My name is Christopher Rhoades, I am 36 years old originally from Long Beach Ca, currently living in Lake Elsinore CA. I am a self taught graphic designer, I have always drawn and painted, so much so I would get into trouble at work sometimes for constantly doodling when I should have been working...never knew it would pay off! I started working at Monkey Sports INC in the spring of 2012, I originally started as a customer service rep due to my knowledge of ice hockey and its equipment. After about a year of being a CSR I was asked if I would like to move to the production department (they make all the jerseys and apparel for the company). I had minor knowledge of Photoshop at the time.

Upon being moved to production I was brought along slowly, initially just weeding out vinyl designs and learning how to operate the Mimaki-JV3 Sublimation printer, soon I was starting to use the laser (universal laser systems 46x24 cut bed). The laser is ran off of CorelDraw and I became fascinated with the program, I would watch videos on Youtube till the wee hours of the morning, I even went and bought my own copy so I could practice at home. After a few weeks I started showing some of my designs to coworkers and they said mine were better than the original Graphic Designers, this went on for a few months and low and behold the Graphic Designer informed HR he was moving to Texas and a spot was open, initially the company was hesitant as I did not have the formal education or experience typically required but after proving myself I was offered the position and have held it every since (about 3 years).

I am now looking to forward my career with another company, I would like to move up and try new things...designing hockey logos has became stale and I am looking for a new challenge!

I am interested in many different forms of art, from contemporary to classic to typography and graffiti. I draw inspiration from so many different mediums I literally could not list them all, I am known for carrying my camera around and taking pictures of everything I see that peaks my interest. I can assure you that I don't have the education that other applicants may have but I can guarantee without a shadow of doubt that I am equally (if not more) passionate about art/design and if you give me a week I will become a master in anything I do.

I am most familiar with Coreldraw but I have recently subscribed to Adobe based software and i am currently learning those.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about me,

Christopher Rhoades