Olivia  Weiers


My name is Olivia Weiers and I am currently serving in the Peace Corps as an English Education volunteer in Georgia. I return to the United States in June of 2019.
Before the Peace Corps, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Polymer and Color Chemistry at The North Carolina State University. I am interested in the sustainable research and development of performance textiles in industries such as snow sports, hiking, and equipment.
My academic standing and research experience has provided me with adequate classes and knowledge of sustainable polymeric materials, technology of coatings and finishings, color science, and more.
While in the Peace Corps, my primary project is teaching English in a small village, however, my secondary duties include gender equality in STEM fields, and conducting nation wide summer camps to accomplish these goals. I also have experience in grant writing to obtain resources for my village's school.
I am proficient in all aspects of Microsoft Office, especially visual based modelling in Excel where I was trained to create interactive forms and coded macros to organize data more efficiently.
I am also well practiced in lab techniques regarding textile testing, characterization, and manufacturing.