Tory Elizabeth Casey


I am a full-time student with over 7 years of retail and customer service experience, having 3+ years in retail management. I have one additional year experience as a bank teller, which was a wonderful experience that helped me grow professionally. Customer service, communication, leadership and teamwork are strong attributes of mine, and I remain positive and enthusiastic in every situation.

I graduated from Santa Barbara City College, receiving my associates degree as well as certification in Marketing. I currently am continuing my education at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City in order to receive my bachelor's degree in Fashion Business Management. I am studying courses such as fashion forecasting, product development, marketing, advertising, Microsoft Excel, retail management, textiles, team development, fashion merchandising and retail mathematics. I anticipate graduating in 2020 and to begin building my career.

Currently, I am seeking opportunities to help me gain additional experience and begin establishing myself as a professional in the fashion industry. I primarily have experience in young-adult apparel and action sports, such as skateboarding, but am open minded to most positions that will help me broaden my experience in order to grow in and learn as much as I can about fashion business.