Alexandria Pavek

Alexandria Pavek

Lead Graphic Designer, Senior Photographer at Louisville Marketing/JIC Nation

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A few details about me is that I love to travel and make my dreams happen. I am the kind of lady that wants to see the world and am not afraid of new challenges and of growth and change. I have been to Europe 4 times in my life. My favorite animals are cats because of their spunky attitudes. The outdoors are beautiful and my dream is to travel the world and see it all in my lifetime. I played flute for 8 years and sing back up in my boyfriends band Lotus Blake. We often collaborate with projects because he is a photographer, videographer and painter, so we are very like-minded.

I am a lead graphic designer and photographer for a candle company in the greater Louisville area. I have my main job as that for Louisville Marketing as well as freelance clients which I work with on the side. I am just 24 years old but in working for a start up company I have been able to grow in my skills and I am able to handle a remarkable amount of responsibility for my age. I also try to achieve greatness in anything I set my mind to, since what I do is what I love. Graphic Design and Photography are professional arts.