Sara Jiron


How's it going? My name is Sara Jiron. I'm a designer based out of Pensacola, FL. If you learn anything about me, you'll learn these two things: one - my work ethic is not normal, I am a maniac. two - I am very eager to learn and grow...always.

But rather than giving you an even longer paragraph to read, how about just checking out this list of what exactly I can do:

Design: By hand or digital, not a problem.
Apparel Manufacturing: Familiar with these processes: Screen-Printing, Dye Sublimation, DTG, Tie-Dye, Garment Dying and Embroidery
Sourcing: Attend MAGIC in Las Vegas twice a year to Source products/materials both Domestic and Foreign.
Trends (Apparel): At MAGIC I gather info regarding Trends ( Color, Texture, Style, Etc) for future seasons to come as well as develop a trend-book, which forecasts trends in the apparel industry and how trends apply.
Social Media Marketing: Advertising and Blasts
Social Media Managing: E-Blasts and Page Management
Department Management: Managed Facility as well as Dye Sublimation - 2+ Years