Scott Risner

Scott Risner

Regional Sales Manager

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To whom it may concern,

For the past 6 years, Nutrition, athletic training, overall health and wellness and Management have been the gross majority of my work and passion. I grew up in Austin and have a strong since for health and wellness and I am looking for my employer to have the same values. I used to be 100 lbs over weight and have since lost my weight and dedicate myself to the health and wellness industry. Starting with food nutrition and supplemental nutrition at My fit foods, I would write diet plans, select proper supplements to go along with an individual plan and have small fitness assessments to go over goals to determine what type of fitness protocols should be used along side the nutrition programs. Then, I took a job with Austin simply fit as they didn't seem to be so monetarily motivated in their practices and wanted the best possible results for their clients, rather. There, I was able to work with each client on an individual basis and write programs for them based on their unique goals. Many of the people I worked with had old and or new injuries that affected them significantly and would cause the initial 6 weeks of training to be put on hold to work on the aspect of corrective exercise. Once corrective exercise has fixed movements and range of motion along with proper stretching and nutrition, we could move on to building strength with slow and controlled repetition to develop dense muscle and strengthen the joint integrity.

Around the same time I was hired as the General Manager for Vitamin Shoppe in Austin to help rebuild the customer centric values that seemed to have been lost. With Vitamin Shoppe, I was able to once again identify unique personal needs and opportunities in all aspects of the health enthusiast lifestyle we were promoting while within our walls. From all the bouncing around store to store as the GM, I was working almost 60 hours a week and slowly started to see my health decline so I took a job with less responsibility to sell fitness and exercise programs all over the world, via telephone and would come to find out that the owners of the company were only interested in money and not interested in helping their clients for their better. Though I found success here, It was not the right atmosphere and I decided to take a job offer I received from Muscletech (Iovate Health Sciences) where I would travel all around the states doing educational seminars on supplemental nutrition and coupling with exercise. I even got to present to every GNC franchise owner in the world at the Las Vegas international GNC trade show. Essentially, I would here and now be going around and showing others in the same industry how to develop programs that are unique to each clients goals revolving around nutrition, exercise and overall wellness.

After being with Muscletech for about a year and a half, I was offered an opportunity to build my own team of representatives that would do what I was doing for Muscletech. So I took the Regional Sales manager position offered to me by Platinum Labs and have been investing all my time into building a team of nutrition / health and wellness professionals that are able to go out and do what I did for Muscletech and make an exponential difference on people’s health and wellness. Ultimately, I have decided travel all over the US and some travel internationally on a monthly basis is just a bit too much for me being a newly wed and I would like to limit my travel within my state for at least 90% of the time. Being with and around family more often will allow me to be a better asset to any team.

On a final note, I have the knowledge, experience and drive that any employer would be looking to as an Account Executive to help grow a specific market that I already have a foundation in from prior experience.

Best regards,

Scott Alexander Risner