Claire Peters

Claire Peters

Event Manager

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For the past five years, my professional career has resided within an active travel company known as Backroads. My career as a trip coordinator here has taken me to fifteen different countries where I lead weeklong biking, hiking, and multi-sport trips. The roles and responsibilities within this position are numerous and diverse. I am responsible for pre-trip arrangements, managing reservations, organizing logistics, fine-tuning guest specifics, and successfully facilitating all special events. The most recent event that I coordinated was our annual “Staff Ride” where 300 staff members attended a multi-day retreat located in Tuscany, Italy. As the event coordinator, I helped design bike routes, researched event venues, negotiated budgets, and was the on-premise manager. On many occasions, I created photo albums, social media postings, and slideshows of the memories created here. I execute the role of a leader well and understand what elements of a trip are vital in creating an exceptional experience for guests.

Currently, I am the Event Manager at Bicycle Colorado. Bicycle Colorado is a non-profit located in Denver, Colorado whose goals are to develop policy, infrastructure, and education that empowers safe and better biking within local communities. My role here is managing the VeloSwap trade show, Gala fundraiser, and the Colorado Bicycle Summit. As the Event Manager, my responsibilities are event planning, execution, and creation.