Kyle Rubin

Kyle Rubin

Vice President of Account Service - Marketing

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“Use what talents you possess, the woods will be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best” (Henry van Dyke). This quote speaks well to the reason I've had an eclectic list of professional experiences. I've always been seen as one that can accomplish a variety of tasks in a given day, a trait I value as much as my employers have.

I'm a highly moldable and flexible individual with many skills in a variety of areas. I am detail oriented with a consistent eye on strategic direction, and am always striving to motivate those that work with me on a daily basis.

I am passionate about leading. Leading people, projects, departments, and tasks from start to finish. I believe that the best results come from a good plan, and that plans must include the right people for proper execution.

When given the option, I almost always choose change over staying on a course. I much prefer a challenging, dynamic, somewhat inconsistent industry, further re-iterating my ability to accomplish a wide variety of tasks.