Leanne Matullo

Leanne Matullo

Yoga Dear Founder

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There a few common threads that weave their way through my body of work. Well-being. Generosity. Creativity. Energy. Learning.

Movement and storytelling infuse all facets of my life, and I'm dedicated to bringing these mediums to those around me. I'm the founder of Yoga Dear, a full service yoga studio and community. Through classes, special programs, an online presence, and more, we educate on how to adopt the ancient philosophies of yoga into our modern day lives. Yoga is all about the business of becoming yourself, living intentionally, and balancing the day to day stressors. Check out our letter and get access to yoga teachings and ways to bring yoga into the everyday. It's funny. Learning happens. Yoga specialities: Yoga for stress relief. Creative sequencing. Self exploration and development. Yoga for women.

I'm also a writer and often informal counselor, supporting programs and covering stories in the health & wellness space, women's issues, leadership development, and education. A true creative, I'm happiest when teaching, developing custom yoga curriculum, in deep conversation, and being surrounded by books and art.

My professional roles have all served other individuals and strengthened communities: Business Owner & Yoga Instructor. Donor Engagement Director. Career Counselor. Community Outreach Manager.