Daniel Rios


Passionate professional with a drive for team development seeking a new career opportunity

I am a "Strategic Leader" with a focus and strong passion for activating and developing teams to drive value and sustainability in a company's initiatives in order to have an edge in the market.

I have 20+ years experience in product-to-consumer strategic solutions; an effective leader
that has created and spearheaded multiple marketing model approaches based on strategic data insight: 1) Scion Brand Launch in SoCal resulting in 25% of the national Sales, 2) Hispanic targeted campaign with key vehicles to increase conquest by 10%

An extensive record of success with customer management relationship skills to engage top tier clients with portfolio value net worths between $35M to $500M. This has resulted in the Toyota brand gaining 18.5% market share in a very competitive environment

I am an ex-athlete, lifelong waterman and a surfer. Being an athlete has taught me to have resilience in the face of adversity. It has also proven that success requires teamwork and engaging others in a common goal. Being a waterman has taught me to respect and protect the environment and its sustainability. I am passionate about supporting organizations like the Surfrider Foundation, ecological preserves (I’m a board director for one in Sayulita, Mexico), and corporate citizen initiatives that provide globally potable water solutions to areas in need or other initiatives to give back to the community

Additional Key Highlights:
1) Expert in marketing approaches with Hispanic market, 2) Forecast and planning expertise, 3) Latin America how to go to market experience, 4) Distribution and logistics expert, 5) Entrepreneur in multiple industries with Multiple start ups: Tequila Company, Surf Company