Ryan Kliebhan

Ryan Kliebhan


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My name is Ryan Kliebhan. I have graduated from Northern Illinois University where I pursued a degree in illustration with a certificate in creative writing; I graduated in May of 2016. I’m very much interested in working with you and am excited to learn and work hard. I feel that I am a strong candidate for this position as my passion and desire has always been in art.

I spent years cultivating my artistic skill set. I am trained traditionally, and have been published professionally.

As you can see in my resume, I am a team player and work well with others. I also accomplish tasks in a timely and professional manner. Even in high-stress situations, I perform to the best of my ability and am no stranger to deadlines as a result of my previous position as an R.A. at Northern. This position has also given me valuable work experience as denoted by the University on my official transcript. In addition, I have experience working with people from all over and have honed my people skills to effectively communicate ideas in a short time. However, working with other artistic people was very much part of my curriculum in university. Every piece would be critiqued and discussed by my professors and peers.

My current position as a custom framer at Michael’s has reminded me the importance of communication and explaining ideas and my artistic vision thoroughly. I find that artistic ideas can be difficult to put into words, but when working with many people and collaborating, communication is the most important skill to have.