Shain Logeais


I'm passionate about working with purpose. Success in my work comes from connecting with people and working together for a common goal. Building trust in business relationships is key to moving forward and enjoying our work. Success for me is multi-dimensional, connecting in relationship and executing the transaction. I am highly skilled at connecting with people and developing business growth strategies. I am motivated by the potential for increased success, with a forward-thinking mind. I am gifted at being able to see through clutter and strategically find successful paths forward. I thrive on asking poignant questions to seek out the most important information to move ahead. Once this information discovered we are free to set goals and deliver solutions with precision that lead to growth. I have been able to take start-ups from concept to thriving businesses. I have enjoyed stepping into existing sales and business development roles to grow existing channels and create new revenue streams.

I am looking for opportunities to use my God given gifts in my work life so that what I am doing daily is consistent with who I am at my core. This in turn feeds my soul and is in line with my talents. I believe it is from this place that we all do our best work.

Together let's use our personal talents and ambitions combined with tenacity to create our best lives and work.