Kristin McLerran

Kristin McLerran

Former Backpacking Guide, Future Marketing Professional

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I am a recent graduate of Kenyon College with a degree in English and Art History. I am enthusiastic, optimistic, and forward-thinking, and am pursuing a career in Recruiting, Talent Management, and Marketing. Above all else, I love people. I have a propensity for remembering faces and names. I value excellent listening abilities and skilled communicators.

My passion for problem solving and critical thinking stem from my undergraduate degree at Kenyon and have continued to grow through my experience as a backpacking guide in the Rocky Mountains for middle- and high school-aged girls. This position required significant planning and organizational skills, as I was responsible for arranging the trip routes, coordinating wilderness permits, and planning and packing meals for up to five days at a time.

I am looking to utilize my planning, communication, and organizational abilities in a Sourcing, Recruiting, or Marketing position. I want to be learning and challenging myself constantly, and I see these fields as the best and most enticing opportunity to do so.