Patricia Rodell


Patricia Rodell is an artist currently residing in the mountains of North Carolina, she has recently graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design, where she gained two Bachelor degree's specializing in Photography and Illustration. During her time at the university she used the knowledge gained from illustration to better realize her photographic endeavors. In her last year of schooling she chose to focus on a project that combined both mediums to create an on-going series of images that explore the meaning of visual story-telling. (1000 Words)

Patricia begins every project with sketches and extensive research. Pages of sketches and watercolor examinations are done before completely deciding on a theme or direction. She considers the sketches of her ideas to be the "Concept Art" of a photograph. Patricia feels that pre-prodution and pre-visualization is key to great editorial photographs. She hopes to fully immerse herself in the world of advertising, through creative and art direction to assist in creating new and exciting stories, to help sell product and make art.

Her current project is focused on making a magazine to show collaboration, Art/creative direction and layout design. it will be released on her website on the 15th of November in 2016.