Doug Purdy

Doug Purdy


I have been working in the graphic arts industry for over 27 years and I believe my experience in printing and design can be a valuable addition to any creative team.

My brother showed me how to turn on the Mac Plus at our family's printing shop back in 1987, and I took it from there.
I started doing simple galley type for paste-ups using Aldus PageMaker. I proceeded to teach myself how to layout entire
art boards using the Macintosh.

After leaving my family's quick-print shop, I went on to work at larger commercial printing plants. There I learned more about the traditional processes of printing that had little or nothing to do with computers. The skills I obtained in these commercial printing plants transitioned well into the digital pre-press revolution of the 1990s. I had an advantage of old school knowledge and modern technology under my belt when I helped to transition a newspaper printing company into an all digital workflow over the course of seven years.

Printing design and pre-press operations aren't my only point of interest. I have dabbled in creating music videos, winning a contest and making a music video for the classic rock band Asia. I have also spent some time in the vinyl sign cutting industry, making everything from vehicle graphics to extra large banner backdrops to huge outdoor rock concerts.

Now, I'm the art director for a publishing company that produces two monthly magazines for the rodeo and roping industries. Creating ads, laying out the editorial pages and overseeing the entire production workflow.