Ben Hayes

Ben Hayes

Director Of Manufacturing

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I am a dedicated and driven Product & Manufacturing Professional who has spent the past 20+ years building myself into an accomplished and recognized leader in the industry, gaining experience managing teams and surpassing ambitious goals. I pride myself on my superior communication and interpersonal skills, skills that have assisted me in positively collaborating with teams that have led to the identification and effective improvement of operational processes that ultimately reduce costs and increase service. Among my peers I am recognized as flexible, someone who can easily adapt to changes in work environments, responsibilities, and technology. I am a tenacious yet personable individual who puts his passion and tireless work ethic into all tasks. I posses a wide breadth of experience that offers versatility, allowing you the confidence to place me in a number of contexts with the assurance that the level of excellence you expect will be met.

Revenue Generation
Global Communication
Quality Assurance
Product Logistics
Cross-Functional Team Leadership
Problem Resolution
Project Management
Relationship Development
Customer Service
Product Planning
Report Generation