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Owner / Founder of Inland Surfer Epoxy Wakesurfers

March 2000 – Present -Seattle / Bellevue WA.
Click to edit position descriptionInland Surfer is the 1st epoxy wakesurf company in the world and the largest independent manufacturer of wakesurfing boards since our inception. We are committed to providing the best built boards in design, materials and performance for use behind inboard boats. With domestic and international distribution Inland Surfer has the entire planet covered when it comes to selecting the right wake surfboard for you, your family, and your crew. Most importantly, the only thing better than an Inland Surfer wake surfboard is the people behind the brand, Inland Surfer is backed by the best customer service, support, and warranty available; coupled with the strongest dealer network Inland Surfer and the widest selection of boards, fins, and accessories its no reason we're number one.

With over 40 years of watersports Jeff Page, shaper, designer and owner of Inland Surfer has pioneered this sport we all love so much. Dedicated to constant innovation Jeff has lead the R&D movement for Inland Surfer to the companies greatest lineup in history including more shapes, sizes and technology to ensure Inland Surfer has a board for everyone. Whether its your first time behind the boat or you're competing in the World Championship; Inland Surfer's commitment to wakesurfing guarantees we've got the right board for you. Inland Surfer continues to improve wake surfing by working with local riders, professional athletes, grassroots events, pro shops, boat dealers and educating government organizations worldwide. Inland Surfer is also a proud member of the Watersports Industry Association.
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Inland Surfer is owned by Jeff Page

RUTT Mogul Pants and Jackets

Brought to you by Jeff Page, RUTT Mogul Pants is the perfect combination between style and practicality. Available in sizes 7/8 to Large, RUTT Mogul Pants are the perfect fit for any mogul skier!


Being passionate about skiing, we have always aimed to improve our performance in many ways while looking good on the ski hill. However, over the past few years there has been a need for a new and improved form of mogul ski wear, and we saw this need as an opportunity to create mogul pants that were not only comfortable to ski in, but also practical in order to create a better skiing experience.

RUTT Mogul Pants come with 4 Black, 4 Navy Blue and 4 Red snap on patches, Leg Vents, Elastic Waist, Adjustments, Snow Cuff with Snaps, Snap off knee patches, 40gm Insulation, 10,000. MM Water Proof Coating, Critical Taped Seams. Size Range 7-8, 10-12, 14-16, XS, S, M, L. Our pants will fulfill the needs of any casual mogul skier, as well as any freestyle team and or individual freestyle competitor. Available August 2015.
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